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Pétanque (pay-tonk’) is an international sport from France that involves opposing teams, of 1, 2, or 3 people, rolling or throwing metal balls at a smaller wooden target ball. Pétanque is related to Italian Bocce Ball and English Lawn Bowling. 


Pétanque is a quick and easy sport to learn. It is an enjoyable, social, competitive team game that utilizes and develops concentration, strategizing, mindfulness, focus, and body-mind coordination. Pétanque’s health benefits include stress relief, improved flexibility, light cardio, and the positive mental and social rewards of this outdoor activity. 


Pétanque is gentle on the body, requiring finesse, cooperative teamwork, camaraderie, and brains rather than brawn. Come experience this little-known, but quintessential, part of French and world sport and culture. To learn more about Pétanque, an Olympic sport candidate played in over 70 countries, please scroll down and watch the videos below.


Pétanque is a learn as you play activity-- so lessons, previous playing experience, and equipment are not required to join in the fun. Newcomers and beginners are always welcome to play with us on Tuesdays by RSVP-- with free, quick, and easy instruction and loaner boules (balls) provided for a newcomer's first two play days. 

Our weekly, casual, social games of Petanque that are full of fun, playfulness, camaraderie, friendly and interesting members, esprit de’corps, and joie de' vie. 

Our Weekly OLLI@UGA Petanque SIG PLAY DAY is EVERY TUESDAY AT 1:00 pm


We play at the Pétanque courts at Lay Park, 297 Hoyt Street, Athens, Georgia, past the swimming pool and tennis courts.


Information sheets with directions to Lay Park, parking, and the walk to the courts are downloadable as PDF's below.


Pétanque SIG Tuesday Play Day Schedule:


GAME # 1: Begins at 1:00. A few minutes before 1:00 pm, players put one of their Petanque boules in a ring for a random team selection. Game # 1 ends at 2:00. 


BREAK: 2:00 till 2:15 Bathrooms are in the Lay Park Community Center. Picnic tables are next to the courts for socializing and snacking. Once a month, Petanque SIG members can bring snacks and drinks to share during an extended break time. 


GAME # 2 begins at 2:15 with another random team selection (Everyone puts one boule in the circle). Game # 2 is untimed; there is no time limit for Game #2 end. Please plan your schedule to be able to play until game # 2 is finished.


Players can come to our Tuesday Play Days at 1:00 or 2:00 pm to play 1 or 2 games, depending on their schedules.

If you are interested in playing Petanque:

Please RSVP email to Ron Wallach at ron1949@gmail.com when you plan to play with our Pétanque SIG for the first time.  (So we can provide introductory instruction and loaner boules.)  New players can borrow Petanque boules (balls) for their first two play days, but need to purchase their own set of Petanque boules after that. 

We recommend coming to two Petanque SIG Play Days before you decide to join the OLLI Petanque SIG. Current OLLI@UGA membership is required to join our the Petanque SIG, in addition to hosts approval.

Information about purchasing Pétanque boules: 


1. Obut Match (approx. $99 for 3 boules. Recommended Pétanque boules.


2. Obut Match IT (approx. $149 for 3 boules.  Recommended Pétanque boules.


You might want to consider Pétanque Accessories when you purchase your boules:

(Players Circle, Target Balls, Magnetic Boule Lifter, Folding Rule with Extension)

at  https://petanqueamerica.com/noname2.html


Before you order boules:

--Read the download pdf below "10. Selecting the Right Boule for You."

-- Visit the OBUT Pétanque website to learn more about how to chose boules


--Talk with our members for advice and to try out their boules to see how they fit and feel for you.


More information about Petanque:

All About Pétanque:  https://petanque.wordpress.com/about/

All About Petanque:  https://americanpetanque.wordpress.com

All About Petanque:  https://petanqueportal.wordpress.com

FPUSA, the Federation of Pétanque USA http://www.usapetanque.org/

Excellent photos of the Pétanque Amelia Island Open Tournament

Pétanque Article in Southern Distinction magazine, by Sally Ross



Great Videos about Petanque:

What is Petanque Video 1

What is Petanque Video 2

What is Petanque Video 3

Petanque as Olympic Sport Video

Great Petanque Training Video 1 
Great Petanque Training Video 2
What is Petanque Video 4                              OLLI@UGA Petanque SIG Playday            .

Petanque Amelia Island Open Tournaments Nov. 2015 2017 2108:

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OLLI@UGA Petanque Shared Interest Group (SIG) of Athens, Georgia
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